Learn & Grow Solutions is an information bureau in relation with solving problems through coaching and psychotherapy, using complete psychology technics and tools provided by the neurolinguistic programme.


Coaching: Is a communication process, escorted and guided by a coach to help the client obtain the best of himself, by means of union between then both, at the beginning of the coaching process.


Psychotherapy: Is a process of communicating between the psychotherapeutic (in other words, a qualified person a able to evaluate and produce changes) and a person who seeks a consultant (“patient or client”) with the intention of better quality in life by means of a change in conduct, attitudes thoughts and emotions. This is used when the client is unable to achieve such goals by himself.


Pnl: Is the study of human behaviour considered as a subjective experience, with the intention of obtaining an appointed objective.


Therapy: When a bone is broken.

Pnl: When you need physiotherapy to recover from an injury

Coaching: When you need to go the gym in able to be fit and reach your objectives.


“Even the longest journey begins with the first step”